Please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline for help!

Domestic Abuse is a Real World Problem

Domestic Violence is a global issue in the modern world. In addition to physical violence, psychological violence (something that has been harder to measure but is a common element of relationship abuse) exists all over the world. Though men can also experience domestic abuse, women are six times more likely to be victimized. Evidence demonstrates clearly, those that are actively fighting domestic violence and supporting victims need more help.

The victim in violent relationships knows their abuser best and fully knows the extent to which they will go to make sure they have and can maintain control over the victim. The victim literally may not be able to safely escape or protect those they love. A recent study of intimate partner homicides found 20% of homicide victims were not the domestic violence victims themselves, but family members, friends, neighbors, persons who intervened, law enforcement responders, or bystanders.

Our Solution? The Empower Network

Cryptocurrency investments have taken the world by storm. Investment in digital assets provide a novel way to address systemic problems in the world. The Empower Network is seeking to leverage the growing interest in cryptocurrency to provide a financial vehicle for those investing in cryptocurrencies that incorporates a built in system to benefit organizations that support the victims of domestic violence. In other words, investing in, holding, and staking MPWR benefits both the investor and the world at the same time.

The vision of The Empower Network is two-fold: to focus on this silent tragedy and to provide financial aid to organizations that the community believes to be doing the most to help the victims of domestic violence

We have a Community Vote going on to list at this Exchange!

We have a Community Vote going on to list at this Exchange!



Empower Proof-of-Stake

The Empower Network platform uses a custom Proof-of-Stake protocol, Empower Network Proof-of-Stake (PPoS), as its consensus mechanism. Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus.

Cold Staking

Empower Cold Staking

Cold staking is enabled by smart-contract functionality and lets users securely delegate staking powers to “staking nodes” which contain no coin. The purpose of these “staking nodes” is to provide a dedicated resource connected to the Empower Network blockchain and stake on behalf of another wallet without being able to spend its coins.


Quantum-Resistance & Privacy

Current Proof-of-Stake implementations have a vulnerability not present in Proof-of-Work whereby they reveal the public key of staking addresses when they find and sign blocks. The most dangerous attack by quantum computers is against public key cryptography.


Empower is an open source cryptocurrency focused on fast private transactions build constructed off a state-of-the-art hybrid consist of: Proof-of-Stake (PoS). The Empower blockchain is constructed off the Bitcoin Core 0.18 algorithm. The Proof-of-Stake hashing is made possible through the ShA256d algorithm. Both algorithms, when utilized in conjunction with each other, allow for increased security and stability throughout the Empower network.


Algo Bitcoin Core 0.18
Block Time 120 Seconds
Difficulty Retargeting Every Block
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase) 50,000,000 MPWR
Premine 9,000,000 MPWR*

Below is a POS Reward Breakdown For Empower Network

Phase Block Height Block Reward % APR
Phase 1 1 – 262,800 3.4 MPWR 10% ( MPWR)
Phase 2 262801 – 525,600 3.4 MPWR 9% ( MPWR)
Phase 3 525601 – 788,400 3.4 MPWR 8% ( MPWR)
Phase 4 788401 – 1,051,200 3.4 MPWR 7% ( MPWR)
Phase 5 1,051,201 – 1,314,000 3.4 MPWR 6% (MPWR)
Phase 6 1,314,001 – CAP 3.4 MPWR 5% ( MPWR)

Below is a breakdown of the Premine rewards. This amount was mined on the 1st block of the chain.

Genesis Block
Block Height Reward Amount Notes
1 9,000,000 MPWR Initial pre-mine
Mpwr Client Comparison Chart
Mpwr Desktop Mpwr QT Mpwr-cli Mpwr Copay Ledger Feature
Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Opensource
Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Send/Receive (public) Mpwr Coins
Supported Supported Supported Not Supported Not Supported Send/Receive (private) Blind/Anon
Supported Supported Supported Not Supported Supported Staking
Supported Supported Supported Not Supported Supported Sign/Verify Messages
Supported Supported Supported Not Supported Supported Advanced Wallet Management
Not Supported Not Supported Supported Supported Supported Multisignature
Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported HD Wallet
Supported Not Supported Not Supported Supported Supported Multiple Wallets
Empower Network Wallet Currency & Transactions types
Empower Network features 3 types of transactions that can be chosen by users according to their specific needs.
Public – By default, only pseudonymous (like Bitcoin)
Blinded (Blind) – Uses Confidential Transactions (CT) combined with Bulletproofs to hide transacting amounts
Anonymous (Anon) – Uses RingCT combined with Bulletproofs to hide transacting amounts and participants
Comparison Public Blinded Anonymous Notes
Anonymous No No Yes Public is only pseudonymous
Hidden Amount No Yes Yes
Just like Bitcoin
Staking Yes No No
Transaction Fees $ $$ $$

Public (P)
This type of transaction is pseudononymous, just like Bitcoin.
Public transactions are publicly auditable on any Empower blockchain explorer and offer the least amount of privacy.
They are the cheapest transactions to execute and is the default privacy setting.

Blinded (B)
This type of transaction uses the Confidential Transaction (CT) privacy protocol developed by Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell to keep the transferring amounts
visible only to the transaction participants (and those they designate),
while still guaranteeing the transaction’s cryptographic integrity.
This is a mid-level privacy option and is more expensive than public transactions,
but cheaper than anon transactions.
Mathematical and cryptographic details related to the CT privacy protocol are available on Maxwell’s original investigation into the protocol.
Empower is the first coin in history to deploy this technology on a Bitcoin Core codebase as well as on top of Segwit.

Anonymous (A)
This type of transaction has adapted for the Bitcoin codebase the RingCT privacy protocol developed by Shen Noether
to hide both transferring amounts and participants’ blockchain identity by combining Cryptonote’s ring signatures and Maxwell’s CT protocols.
It is the one of the highest level of trustless privacy protocol the crypto industry has to offer and was made famous by Monero.
It is also the most expensive privacy setting to use.
Mathematical and cryptographic details related to the RingCT privacy protocol are available on Shen Noether’s RingCT whitepaper.
Empower Network is the first coin in history to deploy this technology on a Bitcoin Core codebase as well as on top of Segwit.


  • Establish confidential victim support community
  • List on additional exchanges Build Android Wallet
  • Have a paper wallet
  • find investers
  • Release Initial Whitepaper
  • List on initial exchanges
  • Deliver first donation
  • Establish public press for donations
  • Capture survivor testimonials
  • Create concept
  • Recruit initial core team
  • Author initial roadmap
  • Develop Wallets for MAC, Windows, and Linux
  • Build initial Website
  • Initiate Empower community hub on Discord Establish public presence on social media



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